Maker Space

The vision of the Maker Space is a place to drive innovative thinking and solutions through an interdisciplinary product design and engineering team to address local and global challenges. Through collaborations with industry, government, and private companies, we provide world class research and industrial solutions which apprise our academic excellence. Maker Space is an innovation hub that works with colleges across the university to deliver true multi-disciplinary research outcomes that make a positive impact on people’s lifestyles, society, and industry.

Maker Space provide the facility to get hands-on technical experience in converting your idea into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). MVP can help to measure the demands on a such product before applying mass of production to reduce the risk of investment. Maker Space encompass concepts of development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation.

What we do?


Makerspaces foster innovation through hands-on experimentation. Participants have the opportunity to be creative and apply personalized learning strategies to make changes to existing concepts or develop their own ideas, methods or products. What could you find in AAU Maker Space?

  Computer-aided design & manufacturing software’s

 3D Printer

 Design Engineering Tools

 Computers and Robotic Equipment’s

 Electronic parts and tools

 Craft and Art supplies

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