Technology Transfer Office

Al-Ahliyya Amman University is keen to keep abreast of the latest science in technology and reflects that on the local market, to serve this purpose the technology transfer office (TTO) was established. TTO aims to link technology and ideas to the local and global market which turn them into services that benefit society and support local community.

The Technology Transfer Office assists faculty, staff, and students to coordinates with invention disclosures, reviews inventions for marketability, applies for and maintains patents, provides for commercialization through local businesses, assists startup companies and arranges for the licensing of inventions to independent businesses.

What we do?


Technology transfer is the process of transforming knowledge to the market, which potentially can create business, job opportunities and profit.  Al-Ahliyya Amman university technology transfer office main responsibilities are securing, protecting, licensing and managing university intellectual property, it also responsible for the followings:

  Create a Dedicated technology transfer team, who serve as liaison officers between academic scientists and industry.

 Build a strong academic intellectual property portfolio.

 Understanding the marketplace and the local regional economy.

 Encourage researchers and direct them toward the local market needs.

 Bridging the gap between invention and commercialization.

 Establishing an organizational culture that fosters technology transfer.

 Mediating between parties involved in the commercialization process like the inventors and industries.

 Study the feasibility of new projects, ideas and the possibility of implementing them in the local market.

 Manage and follow up with spin-off companies.

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