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There is no doubt that a lack of entrepreneurial attitudes holds back development of startups, with a mentality that copies rather than innovates and drags down success to the lowest common denominator. The enabling environment in a person’s head is as important as the enabling environment created by policies, regulations, infrastructure and access to finance. To address these challenges and foster an entrepreneurial spirit, business incubators need to be effective role models and leaders, but this will only result if they are entrepreneurial themselves, as role models for their clients (whether students, academic staff or local community members) and with the confidence and resilience to go out and change their environments.

The world is desperate for innovative and versatile talent; so we are at AL-Ahliyya Amman University as we are also desperate to encourage entrepreneurial mentality among our clients. We believe that having that entrepreneurial mindset is a gate for our clients to become distinguished and successful throughout their entire career. Entrepreneurship is critical not only to benefit students, but also to serve society by creating jobs and driving economic growth.

AAU will support its students, staff, and local community members from the idea stage; it will also take in and successfully accelerate more mature ventures. We will build our own program from the ground up for an academic environment – we realize that our students may not be able to work full time on their venture from day one and we will set up our process and structure to accommodate this. AAUBI will provide co-working space, accelerators and other resources to students, AAU staff and local community members.

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Our Objectives

 Better governance; an incubator should create a board to govern incubator activities and help in building a number of strategic partnerships.

 Experienced and knowledgeable staff members.

 The management team of the incubator should consist of a director and few permanent staff, depending on the number of incubatees.

 The attraction of investors and sponsors, and public and private stakeholders.

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors:

  • Prof. Sari Hamdan – President of AL-Ahliyya Amman University
  • Dr. Maher ALHorani – Chairman of the Board of Directors of AAU
  • Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh – Chairman of Int@j
  • Ms. Enas ALHorani – Director of Public Relations
  • Mr. Zaid Ibrahim – Director of Marketing - Umniah
  • Dr. Anas ALSoud – Director of AAUBI
  • Dr. Mustafa Atiyat - Dean of Student Affairs
  • Dr. Alaa ALHorani - Dean of Business School
  • Legal Advisor

Evaluation Committee:

  • Dr. Anas ALSoud - Director of AAUBI
  • Dr. Mustafa Atiyat - Dean of Student Affairs
  • Dr. Alaa ALHorani - Dean of Business School
  • Ms. Enas ALHorani - Director of Public Relations
  • Mr. Nader Swaidan – Arena Complex Manager
  • Ms. Reema Diab – CEO of Nokia Jordan
  • Umniah Representative
  • Int@j Representative


Incubate Innovative Ideas

Invest in Ventures

Provide Access for Entreprenurship

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