Dr. Maher Al-Hourani


The Center of Innovation and Excellence (CIE) is the brainchild of Dr. Maher, who believes that innovation and entrepreneurship are the solution for the challenges that lie ahead.

Prof. Dr. Sari Hamdan

President - AAU

Our mission is to meet the requirements of sustainable community development within a smart knowledge environment that supports creativity and innovation.

Prof. Dr. Anas Al-Soud


I believe that having entrepreneurial mindset is a gate for our students to become distinguished and successful throughout their entire career. The CIE act as a hub of innovation-focused activities at AAU.

What we do?


At the Center of Innovation and Excellence we aim to not only encourage innovative ideas, we also work towards putting those ideas into action by creating partnerships, platforms, products and affecting policies.

 Identifying innovations emerging from their research, teaching and service activities that could have broader societal impact.

 Assessing the costs and benefits associated with development and commercialization of the innovation.

 Protecting the intellectual property as appropriate by patent, trademark, and/or copyright.

 Evaluating potential pathways and developing strategies for development and commercialization.

 Finding partners who can participate in further research, development and commercialization.

 Negotiating agreements that provide value to both partners while protecting the rights of AAU participants and preserving the intellectual property assets.

 Helping interested faculty, staff and students in their entrepreneurial pursuits.


Spin Off Phase




Ongoing Projects


Ideation Phase

An Innovative Idea Can Change Your Life..

Do you have an idea with a great potential? Are you looking for: Funding, Mentorship, Plan-of-Action to propel you to the next stage, Customers/Partners, Promotion etc

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